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  • Yuki Sekiwa

Personal blend herb tea class

Why don't you use herb tea as one of the refreshing methods?

When you're stressed or too busy with work, you want to refresh yourself with something.

It might be nice to go on a trip or go to a hot spring, but I think there are times when it is difficult to take action, such as not being able to take a break, having a small child, or being financially a little tight.

I want you to try herb tea at that time. Put the herb tea that suits your mood that day in a pot and pour hot water over it. And look at the natural and soft color that comes out of herbs and enjoy the scent. And wait 3 minutes and drink slowly. I think you can refresh yourself with just this.

While the use of time changes depending on the life stage, you can make it if it takes about 10 minutes to prepare and drink. As you get used to drinking herb tea, the herbs you want to drink will change from time to time, so you can face your physical condition and mental health. It is a class that can tell you how to choose herb tea, recommended blends, etc. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested.

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