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《For those who want to learn phytotherapy casually》

Phytotherapy Introductory Class
What is Phytotherapy? " Is Phytotherapy good for the health?" 
First of all, it is an introductory course to know Phytotherapy.
Phytotherapy is a natural healing power, i
t helps your health improve.
Basic knowledge, action, how to use active ingredients, etc.
In practice, you will learn how to easily incorporate it into your daily life.

Overall image of phytotherapy

​Semi-private session​​

If you and your friends or family are interested in learning Phytotherapy together or those who have scheduling conflicts,

we offer semi-private sessions to accommodate your preferred dates. Please feel free to contact us!

Semi-private courses to study with friends and family

Corporate Workshop

Both herbs and essential oils provide a delightful sensory experience. By selecting specific scents and flavors, we can understand what we need in that moment.

Why not incorporate experiences such as herbal tea, aromatherapy, and herb cooking into team-building activities?

Suggestions for incorporating phytotherapy into corporate workshops
Personal Blend Tea Class
Herbal tea looks good for your body.
but i don't know how to chooseThose who think such as
Please come hereTry their courses. face yourself,
Make it possible to choose herbal teas that match your physical condition and mood.
Taste a lot in the course and choose your favorite blend
find out
Various herbal teas
Events to enjoy with all five senses
Herbs are enjoyed by the five senses: eyes, nose, tongue, nose and skin.
Enjoy herbal dishes based on phytotherapy,

Medicinal herb liquor (Tincture)) and enjoy sake
Events such as listening to music are held from time to time.
Suggestions for cocktails using herbs and medicinal herbal drinks
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