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About Phytotherapy

Phytotherapy uses the bounty of plants to support the natural healing power,

It is a natural remedy that harmonizes the mind and body.

Phyto is an ancient Greek word that refers to all plants.

Therapeia, which is the etymology of therapy, has meanings such as "treatment," "therapy," and "service."

The compound word of these two words is "phytotherapy = plant therapy".

In modern society where stress and fatigue often accumulate, phytotherapy works on the mind and body,

It supports health maintenance, prevention, and mental care.

As a broad-spectrum phytotherapy,

Mainly herbal remedies and aromatherapy,

As a phytotherapy according to 6 categories


Not only aromatherapy and herbal tea,

Gardening, forest bathing, cooking with herbs, etc.

It can be incorporated in many different ways.

Phytotherapy that can be enjoyed with the five senses (visual, auditory, olfactory, taste, and touch)

Incorporating the power of plants into our daily lives,It is useful for supporting the improvement of natural healing power.

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