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​Instructor Introduction

Yuki Sekiwa

Representative of PhytoLab Tokyo

● Certified by the Japan Phytotherapy Association 

Phytotherapy Instructor

● JAMHA Certified Herbal Therapist

What is Phytotherapy?

Many people may wonder about it, and I was one of them. After working in some companies for a long time,

I have seen and experienced stress and its effects on people.


I have personally gone through unexplained periods of poor health condition and struggled with self-management. I always wondered if there was something I could do.


That's when I started buying flowers and growing herbs. I noticed that simply looking at plants and smelling their fragrance made me feel better, and I became interested in learning about the power of plants.


Phytotherapy is easy to incorporate into daily life and can help improve your overall well-being and natural healing abilities. I would be happy if my knowledge could assist those who feel unwell without knowing the cause or those who don't require hospitalization but still seek improvement.

(One company) This is the logo mark of the Japan Phytotherapy Association certified instructor.
Portrait:Yuki Sekiwa
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