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Herb tea sommelier certification course

(qualification course) (certificate)

Herbal teas are the easiest way to incorporate herbs into your body.

By drinking it, you not only take in the active ingredients into your body, but you can also get an aromatherapy effect from the scent.

This course is recommended for those who are interested, but do not know how to choose, and want to know how to make delicious brews.

Find the herbal tea that suits you through tasting and blending, and aim to become a herbal tea sommelier.

Course content
  • What is herbal tea

  • get into the habit of herbal tea

  • find your favorite herbal tea

  • Effect of herbal tea

  • How to drink herbal tea and how to use it for phytotherapy

  • How to brew delicious herbal tea

  • About blended herbal tea

herbs used

german chamomile
dandy lion
lemon verbena
mallow blue

This is an image of fresh herbal tea being added.

[Course hours]

10:00 - 16:00 (including break)


   General: 23,650 yen (tax included)

Association member: 21,450 yen (tax included)


writing utensils

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