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  • Yuki Sekiwa

<Thank you> Everyone who came to the Music/Herb/Wine event

Thank you to everyone who joined in the Music/Herb/Wine event which is held on Friday, November 10th, despite the rain.

At PhytoLab Tokyo, we hold various courses and events every day with the theme of enjoying herbs with all five senses.

Among them, many people enjoyed the collaboration with music, and we were able to hold the second edition without any problems.

This time, we welcomed guitarist Toshiki Sunasaka and Madam Yang, who performed last time, and we enjoyed a wonderful performance. At the beginning, I asked everyone to take a look at Toshiki's guitar technique, and everyone was really surprised and impressed when they saw his guitar technique up close, which made me very happy as well.

As Mr. Toshiki mentioned, there are many people who don't have the opportunity to listen to music that only includes instruments, so I think I was able to show them that you can enjoy so many different sounds with just one guitar.

Continuing from last time, Madam Yang captivated us again this time with her unique worldview, high guitar skills, and wonderful singing voice.

Through these two events, the number of fans of her original songs has also increased.

Her multi skills such as rock, jazz, bossa nova, etc. are amazing, and no matter how many times I listen to her music, I never get bored of her.

Just like scent and taste, music is something that can be experienced with all five senses, so we would like to continue holding events like this in the future.

As for the dishes, we have provided them with the theme of herbal dishes from around the world, but there are many other dishes that use herbs, so we hope you will eat deliciously, incorporate the active ingredients of herbs, and help maintain your health.

Let's increase the immunity of the mind and body with phytotherapy in case colds and influenza become popular in the coming winter!

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