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  • Yuki Sekiwa


On Friday, November 10th, we will be holding the second collaboration event of music and herbs!

This time, we will welcome Mr. Toshiki Sunasaka, a male guitarist with great guitar technique, and you will be intoxicated by the music while enjoying herbal dishes and organic wine.

Herbs are a powerful ally that can be enjoyed with all five senses while supporting the enhancement of natural healing power. In addition to aroma and herbal tea, I would be happy if I could share even a little bit of the fun of incorporating it into meals. At this event, we will be offering herbal cuisine from around the world.

Music is also something to enjoy with all five senses. Acoustic tones soothe the soul.

There may also be a session with special guests in the second half of the event!

Would you like to enjoy food and music in the mysterious space of a room in a building in Akasaka Mitsuke?


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