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Cooking class

Japanese cooking with herbs 
for International participants

Welcome to our Japanese cooking class for foreigners!

Our classes are designed for those who want to learn about Japanese culture and cuisine through hands-on experience.

We will guide you through the process of making authentic Japanese dishes using fresh, seasonal ingredients, herbs and traditional techniques.

Our classes are held in English sometime Japanese and are suitable for participants of all levels.

Our classes offer a fun and memorable experience that you won't forget.

Check Booking service page on our website for more information on our classes, schedule, and pricing.

We can't wait to see you in our kitchen!"

​Cooking class with herbs
Herbal teas and essential oils aren't the only ways to take advantage of phytotherapy.
Use it in cooking to get the active ingredients.
However, herbs cannot be eaten in the same amount as leafy greens such as lettuce and cabbage.
Therefore, a little ingenuity is required.
Why not use herbs in your cooking for a delicious introduction to the active ingredients of plants.
cupcakes with herbs
Dishes using herbs. Pork shabu coriander ramen
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