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  • Yuki Sekiwa


We held Aromatic certified course became a one-on-one session, and it was an intensive course.

Those who attend the course with interest truly listen attentively. I want to meet their expectations, so I spoke with the intention of sharing all the knowledge I have.

Aromatherapy is not only allows you to enjoy scents but also provides healing for the mind and body. The choice of scent can vary depending on the environment and emotional state at the time, making it a wonderful way to connect with oneself. When you can face yourself, you naturally begin to see what you need at that moment, which is also useful for self-management. Personally, I feel that aromatherapy is somewhat similar to divination, as it can make you realize what you are seeking or become a catalyst for taking action.

If you find the Aromatic certified course to have a somewhat high threshold, please feel free to inquire about it as a custom course.


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